FREE SEMINAR – Career Guidance in the Embedded Systems/Software domain

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Attention BE – E&C and cluster-branch students and fresher’s!! For those who have passed out 2016 and later:

  • “ISRO puts 104 satellites into orbit in a single launch”
  • “Autonomous cars are likely to be common very soon”
  • “Break-through in brain-scanning saves more lives – thanks to electronics”
  • “Electronically created road-corridor provides the ambulance a free-way journey”
  • “Robots to perform critical micro-surgery on human heart”

Do the above news headlines excite you? || Want to make a career in Electronics and Embedded Industry? || Due to lack of awareness, are you committing yourself into a non-Electronics career?

Want to know what companies that work in Aerospace, Avionics, Automotive/Mobility, Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, White Goods and Home Appliances, Home and Building Securities and Automation – look for, in a fresher?

Want to know what it takes to succeed in your search for an opportunity in your relevant core branch area?

What it takes to make a good beginning in your embedded domain career, and stay ahead?

If your answer is a YES to the above questions, then, you are invited to attend a FREE 2 hour seminar on


Venue: Oak Systems Pvt Ltd; Next to Indiranagar Metro Station

Dates: 11th August, 2017 and repeated on 12th August 2017

Time: Starts at 10:00AM [Be present by 9:30]

What you can expect:

  • Overview of where the Electronics, Embedded Industry is headed and the opportunities
  • Important: Difference between the typical ‘IT job’ and the more involved ‘System Development’ for a production-line programs, where teams deliver ZERO-DEFECT
  • What are the possibilities for YOU as an Electronics/cluster graduate
  • Examples of some of the works expected out of a fresher
  • Communication Protocols
  • Industry Process Standards
  • Your questions answered and doubts clarified
  • The sessions is also useful for those want to make a switch to Embedded domain
  • Next steps – This session is sure to fire-up your imagination and interest in this ever-growing, but highly skill-demanding field. Come mind-prepared to sign-up for the longer duration programs

HURRY! Limited seats per session – register at the earliest. Bring your fresher-friends too. The session is delivered by Embedded Industry experts who bring their multiple-decades experience to give you a deep insight.


Contact Ms Biby Michael ( on +91-80-41267681 between 9:00AM and 5:00PM

Oaksys Seminar