OAK Delivery Models

Domain Specific Test Lab

Oak Systems (Oaksys) has well-equipped Test labs that cater to the needs of most of the popular domains and platforms. For the embedded domains, we have the test lab that has the necessary operating environments and tools such as RTRT, LRDA, TestCast, JUnit, Perl, python, etc. For Enterprise application domains, our test labs are equipped […]

Dedicated Test Facility

We can setup a dedicated Test facility for your exclusive use. The facility will be provided as per the needs of your projects. The necessary hardware, software and tools will be setup as per the requirements. The security of the facility (both physical and data) will be governed by the security guidelines dictated by the […]

Onsite/Offsite Testing

Oaksys is sensitive to the needs of its customers  and hence is flexible in its approach to servicing customer needs. We offer our testing services both as onsite as well as offshore formats. Onsite Testing Services We will execute the scoped project activities onsite at your premises. We would expect you to provide us the […]

Turnkey Assignment

Oaksys offers the option of taking-up the testing assignment on a Turnkey basis (fixed-cost, fixed-scope model). When the scope of the work is clearly defined, we estimate the size and effort involved in carrying out the activities. In such a case, we can provide a turnkey–fixed cost solution to the requirements. Oaksys can carry out […]

T & M Assignment

Oaksys can provide the testing services with its complete team or as part of your test team. You will be charged on ‘actual effort’ basis. The work location could be onsite at your location or offsite at our labs. • Staff T&M model: We can provide our experienced and well-trained testers for the project duration […]