Testing Services

Enterprise Application Testing Unit
Under Enterprise Application Testing Unit (EATU), we offer our testing services for a variety of domains and technologies. Web based, client-server based software, cloud testing, agile testing, BI/analytics, mobile and such other applications are covered. Our service offerings cover Verification & Testing activities related to complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and variety of SDLC models such as Agile, Waterfall, OO, Incremental and Spiral.

Complete V&V Solution
We associate with your development team to build quality into the product right from the beginning of the software development process. Our Independent V&V Group (IVVG) will participate in the reviews of specifications, design, code and testing to assure quality is built-in. While your engineers develop the software, our IVVG prepares the test plans and test suite. IVVG will take up actual Test Execution and provides the test results and defect analysis. We can start participating in the project from any phase of the lifecycle depending on the project and your needs.

Test Automation Solutions Unit
As part of Test Automation Solutions Unit (TASU), we provide matured test automation solutions for functional, regression and load/performance testing of software products. We use both proprietary as well as open source tools such as Selenium, QTP, Rational etc.
Our Expertise in Functional Test Automation Functional Test automation is one of the major offerings. We have experience using a variety of test tools and under numerous test environments. OAK can take up end-to-end activity of Functional Test automation.