Test Automation

Test automation is one of the major aspects among Oaksys service offerings. This is an ideal candidate for outsourcing as the automation can be carried out on an independent track while the software development/maintenance is on its own course. We carryout automation of Functional, unit and performance testing.

Functional Test Automation

Functional Test automation is one of the major offerings from Oaksys. We have experience using a variety of test tools and under numerous test environments. Automation of Functional testing at the system level, sub-system level and for E2E testing are some of the projects carried out by us. We apply framework based approach to functional test automation so that scalability, supportability and maintainability of automation are achieved.

Unit Test Automation

We carry out static and dynamic analysis of software units/components as well as functional and structural testing. While most software projects in the application domain typically may plan on the functional testing at unit level, the system software projects invariably need to also plan for structural testing at the unit level. We also conduct coding standard checks against international standards such as ANSI, MISRA as well as project specific standards.

Performance/Load Testing

We have experience in conducting performance testing and profiling using a variety of test tools. We have expertise of conducting Load/performance testing of  web portals, enterprise applications, as well as other software using many industry standard tools such as LoadRunner, OpenSTA, Jmeter, ACTS, ..

Some of the major tools that Oaksys has competency in are listed below. The list is not exhaustive.

Testing Tools

  • QTP, Silk, RFT, Selenium, LoadRunner, OpenSTA, Jmeter, RPT, JUnit
  • SoapUIpro, Sahi,Test Conductor, Insure++, Jtest, TCA, RSM, TestCast
  • Logiscope, LDRA, RTRT, Tessy, MATLAB, Vectorcast, XML-Simulator, LoadUI,
  • StressTester, QuickUnit, FlexMonkey, ACTS..


  • Java, C, C++, Ada, VB, ASP, JSP, Tcl/Tk, Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell, TTCN-3, ..

Supporting tools

  • QC, DOORS, Rhapsody, Rational Rose, Remedy, Rational RequisitePro
  • ClearCase, PVCS, Perforce, SVN, VSS

Oaksys can take up end-to-end activity of Test automation. Based on the experience gained over the years, Oaksys has developed a proprietary test automation model (Oak-TA model). Oaksys follows this model for the outsourced functional test automation projects.

The following are some of the projects carried out by Oaksys in the Test automation space.

  • Development of Test automation framework for an eCommerce portal using Selenium
  • Development of test automation framework (keyword driven) for leading international banking product using QTP and taking up responsibility of hooking test cases to the framework and thus running regression tests successfully involving thousands of test cases release after release. This automation framework was later ported to RFT.
  • Test Automation of data aggregation product
  • A test automation framework was successfully developed and implemented for an eCRM product
  • A pilot test automation framework was developed and implemented for a SIP based telephony application using TCL-TK scripting.
  •  Test Automation was carried out for a telecom billing application using Winrunner & then ported to QTP.
  • Unit test Automation done using RTRT for Radar system Software involving 100% code coverage, unit tests to check for compliance to stringent DO-178B guidelines
  • Unit, software

    integration testing and HSI testing of Naval tactical control system using LDRA and other tools (Model based testing)

  • Requirement coverage analysis and Structural coverage analysis of multiple Defence and avionics systems using LDRA, Tessy  and similar tools as per DO-178B  guidelines
  • Development of TestRig for LCA subsystem (Flight control System – Test Automation)
  • Component Testing and System testing using LDRA and Test Conductor for CMS module for Indian Navy
  • Test Automation of a Leisure Portal using Selenium (Java RC) and JUnit
  • Test Automation of a Analytics tool involving Flexcode using Flexmonkey and Sahi
  • Performance Testing of Enterprise applications of a Large Fortune 500 company using LoadRunner
  • Performance profiling and testing of Real Time Service Management suite of products using Microsoft tool ACTS
  • Performance testing of several Insurance products using Loadrunner and OpenSTA
  • Performance profiling and Testing of multiple e-mentoring Softwares using OpenSTA / Jmeter
  • Performance testing of Freight Management System using OpenSTA

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