Automation of Data Validation of a Telecom Billing System

It is a herculean task to validate the billing data in any Telecom environment. Faced with a series of rules, exceptions and combinations of possibilities, validation of the billing data takes enormous amount of time and energy. As part of this project, OAKSYS automated the data validation process using the Test automation tool – QTP.
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Client’s Domain

  • Client was in Telecom domain – developing products


About the product

  • Data validation for subsequent billing


About Automation

  • Data was aggregated from service provider in XML formats
  • Based on the mapping rules, the data was validated
  • Due to high volume of data, Automation was the only solution to filter any discrepancy in data to be fed to final billing system


Tools used

  • Based on the initial study, HP (Mercury) Quick TestPro (QTP) was selected as automation platform
  • QTP : A Tool for GUI based application automation


The Result

  • Over 400 tests were automated
  • Automation ensured that the data going to billing system is defect free