• Manual Testing Services: Functional, Integration, Regression, Structural, Component and Usability Testing
  • Test Planning: Test Strategy, Test case design & Test suite preparation
  • Specialized Testing Services: Performance, Load, Scalability and Platform Compatibility Testing
  • Test Automation Services: Determines if automation will benefit the client’s needs and then works with major test tools such as QTP, Loadrunner, RFT/RPT, Selenium, etc., to tailor the right tool for the client’s application.
  • Test Metrics:  Consultancy, Data collection, Metrics generation & Reporting

Complete V&V Solution

We associate with your development team to build quality into the product right from the beginning of the software development process. Our Independent V&V Group (IVVG) will participate in the reviews of specifications, design, code and testing to assure quality is built-in.

While your engineers develop the software, our IVVG prepares the test plans and test suite. IVVG will take up actual Test Execution and provides the test results and defect analysis. We can start participating in the project from any phase of the lifecycle depending on the project and your needs.

Test Case Design & Test Suite Preparation

We prepare various test plans (Acceptance, System, Integration, Unit) from the software artifacts. We design Tests and develop test cases for the level of testing. Black box, White box and Grey box techniques are applied to identify test cases, as applicable.

The tests can be designed for Functionality, Load/Performance, Usability, Portability, etc.

Test Automation Architecture, Design & Development

Automated testing gives much quicker turn-around and drastically reduces the time to deliver the product out of the door.

We define, design and develop automated test environment with and without off-the-shelf test tools. Depending on the characteristics of the project and your preferences, a right mix of test toolsets are chosen.

Test Execution

From setting up the complete environment for Testing, we execute tests manually or by using automated tools. The test results will be compiled, analyzed and submitted to you.

Software Evaluation and User Acceptance Testing

Whenever a customer gets software developed from a third party vendor, it is critical for the customer to evaluate the software before signing off. On behalf of our customers, we can evaluate/carry out acceptance testing of the software for FURPS+ goals. We can verify correctness and completeness of associated documents and other work products.

Traceability Analysis

When software development progresses from one phase to the next, it is important to ensure correctness and completeness of the phase deliverables to its predecessors. We can take up traceability analysis between work products in the software project.

Reviews & Inspections

We conduct formal technical reviews of various software documents. We are well versed with Fagan inspections, walkthroughs and other Review processes.

Cloud testing

Service assurance is the main challenge in cloud services. The provider has to assure timely delivery and even service availability when it doesn’t control the data communication connection between the cloud service and users. In addition, security has to be ensured due to multi tenancy so that there is no crossing of data.

Oak systems has expertise and experience in testing of applications on the cloud, with focus on End-to-End functional coverage, Multi tenancy, Virtualization, load-balancing and performance. Risk based testing and test automation are the key this.

Mobility testing

Whole world is on the move. Every application is being made available on mobile. With 100s of mobile models and flexible user options, mobility has posed a greater challenge to the software provider community. Mobility testing holds the key as the companies look at better, faster and cheaper solutions while addressing the latest standards. We specialize in validating the mobility channel both with test automation frameworks and domain experts.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Testing

Big Data has brought about a paradigm shift in the way industry looks at storing and consuming data. There are number of Business Intelligence & Analytics software being developed in each domain. We have expertise in testing many BI and Analytics products for verticals such as Banking, Retail, medical, Supply Chain and Channels.

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