Testing Services


  • Manual Testing Services: Functional, Integration, Regression, Structural, Component and Usability Testing
  • Test Planning: Test Strategy, Test case design & Test suite preparation
  • Specialized Testing Services: Performance, Load, Scalability and Platform Compatibility Testing
  • Benchmark Testing: Sysmark* and Mobilemark* testing of computer systems for benchmarking
  • Test Automation Services: Determines if automation will benefit the client’s needs and then works with major test tools such as QTP, Loadrunner, RFT/RPT, Selenium, etc., to tailor the right tool for the client’s application.
  • Test Metrics:  Consultancy, Data collection, Metrics generation & Reporting

Test Strategy We develop test strategy applying the FURPS model for project/product objectives Test Case Design & Test Suite Preparation We can prepare various test plans (Acceptance, System, integration, unit) from the software artifacts. We design Tests and develop test cases for the level of testing. Test Automation Architecture, Design & Development We will define, design and develop automated test environment with and without off-the-shelf test tools. Depending on the characteristics of the project and preferences of the client, an automated test tool will be chosen. We have expertise in a variety of automated test tools. Executing Tests From setting up the complete environment for Testing, OAKSYS can execute tests either using automated tools or manually. The test results will be compiled and submitted to the clients. Software Evaluation and Acceptance Testing Whenever a customer gets software developed from a third party vendor, it is critical for the customer to evaluate the software before signing off. On behalf of our customers, we can evaluate the software for functionality, usability, maintainability, supportability (and other FURPS+ goals). We can verify correctness and completeness of associated documents and other work products. We can carry out acceptance testing on behalf of our customers. Benchmark Testing OAKSYS can setup and conduct benchmarking tests using industry standard tool suites such as Sysmark and Mobilemark. Load & Performance Testing OAKSYS can develop Load and performance testing plan for the product and execute the same. Performance profiling of the software system under varied conditions of user load, transaction load, platform, disk space, bandwidth can be done. Evaluation of Automated Test Tools With our expertise in using a variety of automated test tools such as SilkTest, QTP, LoadRunner, Quality Center (QC), Rational Test Suite – RFTRPT, Selenium, C++ Test, Insure++, C-Cover, RSM, Jtest, JUnit, JavaScope etc., we can find out the suitability of an Automated Test Tool for the software. Test Metrics generation & Reporting We will generate test metrics such as defect density, Feature-wise Radar chart, Objective fulfilment, etc. and report it to the customer as part of our final deliverables. This will help the customer to focus on critical aspects and enable him to better position the product in the market. OAKSYS – Testing Expertise The core group at OAKSYS comprises of software professionals with vast experience in application domains, software development, Quality Assurance, V&V and Testing. With a matured and process oriented approach to testing, we are well equipped to handle any kind of Software Testing Assignments. Our exposure and experience with SEI/CMM model and IEEE, MIL-DOD and ISO9000 standards add value to what we deliver. We have expertise in a number of hardware/software platforms, variety of problem domains and with different test tools. OAKSYS – Testing Resources To effectively carry out the software testing activities, we have equipped ourselves with the necessary resources. We have a centrally located office space of over 4000 sq. ft. and connected with our customers via dedicated and broadband network. Also, we identify the importance of People, Processes and Tools to carry out any activity with success. People Our staffers are well experienced and trained in the following domains –

  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance software
  • Mobile, ERP, Office Automation software
  • Cloud, Client Server & Web Applications
  • Embedded, Telecom and RTOS software
  • Defense Applications/Avionics/Automotive/Medical and Pharma
  • EDA applications

Processes OAKSYS is convinced and is committed to using software engineering standards and procedures. We follow software processes that are tailored from SEI/CMM, MIL2167A and IEEE standards. Every team member in OAKSYS undergoes software process training as part of induction. We have CMM L3 and ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes. Tools In addition to using standard checklists and templates, we have worked on various automated test tools and products such as – WinRunner, xRunner, TestDirector, LDRA, Silk, WebKing, LoadRunner, C-Cover, Logiscope, Insure++, JTest and JavaScope. Our language experience spans across C, C++, Assembly, VHDL, Java, Ada, ASP, VB, VC, XML, COBOL, Pascal, Esterel, UML etc. With newer tools entering the market everyday, we strive to update and upgrade ourselves with latest tools so that we can offer the most optimum solution to our customers. Facts about testing

  • Cost of Quality is 39% of total project effort (As per benchmarking data published by SPIN, Bangalore, Nov-2001)
  • Defect density is 8.2 per KLOC (As per benchmarking data published by SPIN, Bangalore, Nov-2001)
  • Testing activity starts with the Requirements phase of life cycle and ends with Software delivery
  • Testing involves – Planning, Design, Development, Execution, Analysis and Correction

Testing is a very critical activity in any software project. No matter what development lifecycle is chosen, testing forms an integral part of it. In spite of this fact, testing is normally perceived as a low end, unimportant, disposable activity in the software field and is considered as a support function. And, experience has shown that whenever there is insufficient and ineffective testing of the software, the organizations have suffered with high risk of software failure and loss of credibility and business. Please send your enquiries by clicking  here