OAKSYS has executed over 200 projects since 1998 totalling over 8500 person months of effort. These projects span across numerous tools, technologies, standards and domains. What is common in all these projects is the all-important relationship between the customer and Oaksys and our resolve to meet & exceed the commitments made to our esteemed customers.

Some of the projects executed by OAKSYS are:

Avionics/Defence/Embedded Software/Medical & Pharma

  • Software IV&V of an Agricultural Drone GCS as per DGCA requirements
  • IV&V of Advanced Light Weight Torpedo (ALWT) Software as per IEEE12207
  • IV&V of Advanced Liquid Cooling System for Su30 aircraft as per DO178B-DAL’B’ / DSSD std
  • IV & V and Testing of navigation system, LG controller system of UAV as per DO178B Level ‘A’
  • IV&V and Testing of Display units of Helicopters
  • Development of TestRig for Flight control System
  • Testing of subsystems of Medical devices – Cardiovascular, Ultrasound, X-Ray devices
  • Dynamic & static testing of multiple software systems as per DO178B Level A/B/C/D (Avionics, Radar and defense projects)
  • IV & V of of Mission Critical Avionics Software (LCA and others) under DO-178B, IEEE 12207, MIL2167A, …
  • Requirement analysis of Avionics system using formal methods (ESTEREL)
  • IV&V for an Antenna control Unit software
  • Requirement based coverage analysis, structural coverage analysis and Code analysis of multiple embedded softwares using RTRT, LDRA, Tessy for DO178B Levels A & B
  • Testing and Test Automation of analytical software products that provide proactive intelligence on care, cost and compliance quality for health care industry
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) of Digital Engine Control Unit as per DO-178B
  • IV &V services for subsystem of commercial aircraft
  • Software testing, IV&V and documentation support services for multiple subsystems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as per DO-178B Level A
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) of Satellite Navigation Software as per DO-178B Level A Process

Banking, Financial services, Insurance domain (BFSI)

  • Managed Testing of a Global Core Banking Application with CMMi L5 processes
  • Test automation of an eCommerce portal (ATG 10 environment)
  • Customisation Testing of Global Core banking system for a large Bank in the APAC region
  • Testing of banking BI product for multiple releases & customisation
  • Testing & Test Automation in Insurance, Banking, CRM domains
  • System Testing, Automation and UAT of products under Insurance domain
  • System Test automation of  Internet Payment Security System
  • Production support (L1,L2,L3), release management and SCM of core banking applications
  • UT/ST/SIT/UAT/BAT/Back-out testing, automation suite for regression testing
  • Customizing the core banking system as per the local and regulatory requirements
  • Testing of core banking interfaces like Mobile, IVR, Internet banking etc.

BI/Analytics/Big Data

  • Testing & test automation of BI product in Supply chain management domain (Channels)
  • Testing of BI product in the banking domain
  • Testing of BI product in the material management domain
  • Testing of Performance data analysis software for Power plants


  • Testing of Talent Acquisition suite
  • Testing of License management suite for a leading antivirus solution company
  • Testing of a global HR performance management suite
  • End-to-end testing of a robot based vehicle parking system

Enterprise applications/ERP/Web systems

  • Testing of multiple ERP Systems
  • System Testing, Test automation & UAT of HRMIS products
  • Cross-platform Testing of a Network Management Product
  • Performance profiling & load testing of number of web based systems
  • Testing and reverse engineering of a B2B software (Automotives)
  • Internet/Intranet based Pension administration software
  • Test Automation of Telecom applications
  • Testing of RetailPOS systems

Cloud Testing

  • System Testing of End-to-end recruitment solution
  • Performance testing of eLearning and eMentoring suite
  • Testing of campus administration software
  • System testing of hosted ERP modules

We have executed many more projects. If you want to know more about these projects or any of the other projects, please write to us here.