Case Study on IV&V of Automatic Flight Control Panel

3-axis (Pitch, Roll, and Yaw) simplex and 4-axis AFCS (Pitch, Roll, and Yaw & Collective) digital Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) on LUH are used to provide stability, controllability, and autopilot modes for ease of flying. The AFCS consists of an Automatic Flight Control Computer (AFCC) and an Automatic Flight Control Panel (AFCP). The AFCC is the core of the AFCS.

The Automatic Flight Control Panel (AFCP) is the main man-machine interface between the pilot and AFCC for control commands, status indicators, and alphanumeric displays of AFCS functions. The AFCP software receives commands from the panel push-button control switch, transmits these commands to the AFCC through the ARINC429 channel, and receives the commands from the AFCC through the ARINC429 channel. The received ASCII data is shown on an alphanumeric display.