eBanking or Internet banking interface is an add-on to any core banking system and provides a powerful channel for the bank’s customers to do banking. This project involved OAKSYS team carrying out functional evaluation of the entire eBanking system. This was a manual testing exercise involving both testers and domain experts.
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  • Product is an Add-on to a popular Universal Banking solution
  • Plethora of defects found during acceptance testing
  • QA personnel who tested the add-on had already moved out of the project
  • Add-on had to be aligned to the immediately following release


What Next?

  • Customer decided to outsource the testing
  • Oak Systems stepped in to address the problem


Project Status

  • 41 modules to be tested
  • Confidence level in the product was low
  • Some areas not adequately tested
  • Documentation was obsolete


Our Mission

  • To quickly put together a team
  • To carry out tests and find defects
  • To analyze defects and give recommendation to improve quality


Our Role

  • System testing (Functional)
  • Rework on documents
  • Daily status reporting


 Our Role – System Testing

  • Test case enhancement
  • Activities
  • Test execution
  • Defect reporting
  • Regression testing
  • Document rework


Our value add

  • Built a team with adequate mix of expertise and size
  • Defects that went undetected in earlier round of testing were uncovered
  • Supplemented testing based on Test case artifact by means of Adhoc testing thereby increasing number of defects detected over the expected
  • Provided detailed analysis of defects detected in terms of cause
  • Reworked the entire set of test plans and release documents
  • Project was completed in-time and within budget (Phase I was fixed scope T&M basis, Phase II was fixed scope fixed cost basis)


Project Statistics

  • 6000 Test cases
  • 400 Defects (across all categories)
  • 40 person months of effort in phase-I
  • 60 person months of effort in Phase – II