OAKSYS was a proud partner in the IV&V programme of a complex fly-by-wire Avionics Software system. Primarily, DOD-STD-2167A standards were used in the programme. The experience and knowledge gained during the programme is phenomenal and all inclusive and has set the foundation for all the IV&V activities of smaller systems since then. Here are the glimpses of this experience ..
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Avionics- IV&V

  • First indigenous fly-by-wire technology demonstrator
  • First IV&V group in the country
  • One of the most complicated and huge software
  • 2 groups- FCS IV&V (safety critical) and Avionics IV&V (mission critical)


Project at a glance

  •  Embedded Real Time software
  • Technically demanding in terms of high reliability (0.0001%)
  • Avionics software-20 components (LRU’s) with MC (Mission Computer) as the main component connected via MIL1553 bus
  • DOD standards 2167A
  • 20 components are developed in different labs, different implementation
  • MC is the most complicated and mission critical software (22 volumes of SRS and 275 KLOC)
  • Some components were developed in C, some in Ada and some in assembly


IV&V Conceived

1. IV &V requirements

  • to maintain consistency and uniformity
  • To verify consistency across the labs in accordance with respect to requirements, changes, defects etc

2.  IV &V had the responsibility of maintaining high reliability number
3. Independent IV &V  was involved from the start till the end of the project
4. V & V plan was prepared


IV&V Plan was developed, containing

  • Scope
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Activities at each phase
  • Dependencies
  • Risks.. etc


IV&V Activities

  • Verification of global specification of entire software
  • Verification of overall project plan
  • Participation in reviews
  • Verification of functional specification, SRS, design document of each component
  • Verification of quality plan and SCM plan of every component
  • Verification of test plan, test rig, test description and witness test execution on sample basis


IV&V for MC

  • Apart from verification of documents, more work was done on MC
  • In order to improve effectiveness, a parallel system test plan description was prepared and executed- doing is believing
  • This IV&V test cases uncovered new set of defects
  • The effort of around 50 person months on the system testing was appreciated by the management and gave a great insight into the project


What it meant?

  • One group whose primary focus is Quality and processes
  • Improvement in inter-group relations
  • Setting up of common processes and sharing of best practices / lessons learnt
  • Reliability of software was improved