Case Study- Performance Testing For eLearning Portal

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  • An eLearning Portal was to be launched within a few weeks. It was a ‘mission critical project’ for the customer- SP (service provider) who is involved in providing eLearning to universities with large base of students
  • The portal functionality involves

– Online examination

– Multimedia rendering

– Learning based on course content

  • Performance of the portal was a critical factor due to projected reach
  • System architecture was evolutionary

About the Portal

  • Portal was developed using open source tools
  • Performance criteria not defined in the beginning and hence was not considered during the design
  • Functionalities and GUI was evolving
  • Expected Load  – Around 100,000 simultaneous users

Our Role

  • To define typical User Scenarios to cover a cross-section of portal   functionality
  • Defining Performance profiling across different user loads
  • Setting up & conducting Performance tests
  • Evaluating performance data
  • Carrying out Root cause analysis (as an add-on service based on client request)
  • Providing Detailed metrics & Recommendations

Modus Operandi

  • Evaluated & Identified the most suitable Open source Load testing Tool – OpenSTA for Phase I.  (Loadrunner for Phase II, III)
  • Identified critical Workflow
  • Fixed tolerance limits for acceptability in terms of  Failure like 4xx, 5xx errors that are common
  • Execution of tests across various bandwidth, Virtual users
  • Collected metrics and presented variety of statistics
  • Confirmed the Server capability thru Intranet testing and internet testing
  • Confirmed the portal capability based on Several VU load simulation