Case Study – Testing of Network Health Monitor product

This case study outlines our experience in a product related to monitoring of network resources using SNMP, HTTP protocols, where end users are typically Data centers.
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About the Client:

  • One of the leading Network Management solution providers.

About the Product

  • Network monitoring system to check the health of resources within the network
  • Monitors various activities in a Network
  • Provides periodic data on different components of an application/Network
  • Provides statistical view on the Health of Network
  • SDK provided to add one’s own monitors

Product Usage

  • In Real-time business scenarios like stock markets, to analyze performance of various servers with scalable business
  • In uptime of Network that can be linked to productivity
  • MIS in terms of Resource utilization in an organization.

Where Oak Systems stepped in

  • Product to be Tested thoroughly under Unix/Solaris environment
  • Additionally, Functional Testing was also to be done under Windows environment

Modus operandi

  • Determine Health report requirements
  • Select servers and attributes for monitoring
  • Prioritize the server test viz. OS, Routers/Switches first, APP server, DB in the order
  • Install the server
  • Configure the servers
  • Apply monitor test cases for each component
  • Simulate server action wherever necessary
  • Collect monitor data and check for correctness for each instance
  • Verify if health report is OK

Project Statistics

Duration: 6 months
Test team size: 4
Effort spent: 24 person months
No. of Test cases executed :  2500+
Environment : Windows, Unix/Solaris, Host of Servers

Our Value add

  • Rapidly put together a team of testers lead by a TL
  • Completed the testing in time with alternate strategies so that the product could be released to the market in time (Testing of around 700 monitors)
  • Suggested some changes to the product (like centralized agent concept)