Oaksys – Ensuring business continuity in pandemic Situation

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our families, our business, our communities and our way of life. We are happy to communicate to you that all our people are safely working from home with the necessary infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity across teams. We also provide necessary precautionary inputs to our employees and their family by regularly communicating and issuing health bulletins.

Oaksys has taken up necessary measures to ensure business continuity during this period and for the days ahead of us where we believe living along with the pandemic by taking necessary precaution is the way forward.

We have restricted personal meetings, business trips and have embraced digital communication techniques wherever possible. We are continuously ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the organization so that health risks are mitigated.

Given the seriousness of the situation, we are committed to ensure that we work collaboratively to ensure our customer needs are met without any compromise on the quality of the deliverables.

We are inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the world who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for the people in need.

The pandemic has made us realize that business activities can be effectively carried out from home as well and that, meetings can easily happen virtually anywhere. This realization can save a lot of cost in the future for all the organizations who are more than willing to embrace the digital way of doing business.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries related to our services