Second edition of Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques published by McGraw Hill Education

Our director Mr Pradeep Oak has authored second edition of a book on Software Testing along with Ms Renu Rajani published by McGraw-Hill Education (ISBN: 9789387432673).

Since the first edition of this book in 2004, which saw 13 reprints to date, software testing discipline has evolved significantly.

The thoroughly revised content presents these developments in a comprehensive manner. The book motivates readers to delve deeper into the application aspects of software testing. It targets graduate students and IT professionals aiming to work in software testing engagements.

Key highlights in this edition include:

  • Testing Tools for functional and performance testing, data management and migration, environment management and virtualisation, application performance monitoring, security testing
  • 15 real-life project work relating to tool explorations
  • Testing in agile, DevOps and object-oriented development engagements and use of model-based methods to ensure reusability of design and testing constructs
  • Formal governance and communication in test engagements, multi-stakeholder governance, RACI, escalation matrix, communication management, KPI and metrics in test engagements
  • Testing for social media, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) applications with focus on (i) user experience and ease-of-use, (ii) mobile device and mobile applications, (iii) analytics and business intelligence with big data and Hadoop, and (iv) hosting applications and tools on cloud
  • Case Studies on testing/validation of (i) financial services applications including regulatory compliance, (ii) embedded and mission critical applications, (iii) user acceptance of enterprise applications, (iv) cloud hosted application, and (v) application consolidation/data migration in the event of merger and acquisitions
  • Current state of practice in (i) testing industry through benchmarking survey, and (ii) opportunities and career paths in testing field

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