Selenium based Test Automation Framework for an eCommerce App

Developing a test automation framework for an eCommerce portal such that there would be minimal maintenance of test scripts whenever the portal changes. Selenium was selected as ‘the tool’ after evaluating several options – both COTS and Open Source. The primary need of the automation framework was for regression testing.
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Client’s Domain

  • Client is a major Retailer in UK with operations across the globe
  • Client had upgraded online retail offering to new version of eCommerce Platform – ATG 10.x


Client’s Requirement

Automate tests to facilitate the following:

  • Multi-browser compatibility testing
  • Multi-country (localization) testing
  • Selection of test candidates (application areas) for execution
  • Facility to add new modules (scalability)
  • Use of open source tools


Our approach

  • To architect a new test automation framework to address all requirements
  • To enable easy maintenance and upgrade of the test automation framework as the product changes in each release
  • To provide technical documentation for incorporation of new test cases into framework


The outcome

  • Framework built in Selenium using Java interface
  • About 600 test cases were automated using the Framework
  • Multiple instances of Tests to cover 4 browsers (viz. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and 4 country localization
  • New modules were independently integrated by client’s team using the framework


Return on Investment

  • Lower cost of automation – ‘No investment on automation tools (Selenium)’
  • Speedier execution of tests thereby reducing time required for new releases
  • New feature Test scripts brought under the framework
  • New release could be brought early to the market due to reduced test cycle time and with enhanced confidence in product