OAKSYS realizes the importance of Software Verification and Validation (V&V) activities in delivering a good quality product to its customers. We bring about right mix of business process knowledge, technical expertise and cutting edge technology to deliver flexible and scalable V&V services to our customers. We would like to relieve the companies of having their own dedicated V&V teams and their associated high costs.

V&V is a very critical activity in any software development work. No matter what development lifecycle is chosen, reviews & testing form an integral part of it. In spite of this fact, V&V is normally perceived as a low end, unimportant, disposable activity in the software field and is considered as a support function. And, experience has shown that whenever there is insufficient and ineffective V&V and testing of software, the organizations have suffered with high risk of software failure and loss of credibility and business.

OAKSYS – V&V Services

Full Lifecycle V&V Support

OAKSYS would be associated with the client’s development team from the beginning of the software development process to build quality into the product. OAKSYS’s Independent V&V Group (IVVG) would participate in the reviews of specifications, design, code and other work products. While client’s engineers develop the software, our IVVG prepares the test plans and test suite. Then IVVG can take up actual Test Execution and provides the test results. We can start participating in the project from any phase of the lifecycle depending on the project and client’s needs.

V&V Plan and Process Definition

OAKSYS would understand the product objectives and project constraints and develops a V&V plan for the project. We also help define V&V and QA processes for the project.

Traceability Analysis

When software development progresses from one phase to the next, it is important to ensure correctness and completeness of the phase deliverables to its predecessors. For example, when a high-level design document is developed, it needs to be checked against SRS document to see if all the requirements are addressed without any gaps and redundancy. We can take up this kind of traceability analysis between different work products in the software project.

Performing Reviews & Inspections

We can conduct formal technical reviews of various software documents. We are well versed with Fagan inspections, walkthrus and other Peer Review processes.

SRS, Design, Code Analysis

We can analyze SRS, Design or Code against specific rtechnical requirements as well as from maintainability and standards perspective.

Testing Activities

OAKSYS can participate in all types and levels of testing activities. Click here to know more about our testing Services.


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