Checklists for Test Data Strategy

Oaksys - Test Data Management

Like the testing process, Test Data Management is a lifecycle process and involves strategic steps through the lifecycle. Below are eight steps for a complete test data strategy.

1. Data Attribute Characteristics and Compatibility Requirements
– Identify data attribute characteristics (for example, values/ranges and relationships)
– Establish data compatibility requirements across environments
2. Determine sources of data, data source owner, data providers and their commitment
3. Determine data security requirements; establish permission and authority to use data
4. Determine frequency of data provision for each source; establish data refresh and restore requirements for each test environment
5. Establish required data volumes
6. Interlock data provision plans with test plans, establish data conversion plans
7. Evaluate data ageing requirements for databases, for test scripts; establish budget for support tools
8. Define test data management system
– Skill set for test data facilities
– Identify and prepare skill set to meet requirement
– Establish change management communication

Source : “Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques book authored by our director, Mr Pradeep Oak and published by McGraw Hill.