Software Testing Lifecycle – V testing

The V diagram in below figure represents Verification and Validation through SDLC. Various stages in the SDLC are depicted in the left arm of the V and the corresponding testing stages are depicted in the right arm. One would note that in early stages of SDLC, the software testing comprises of more verification activities and towards the later stages the emphasis of the testing shifts to validation activities.

V model

A brief of each stage in SDLC and how various verification and validation (V&V) activities are used is in order –

1. Software Development V&V
* Define Software Requirements
* Build Software – Design, Code, Integrate, Test
* Install & Implement
* Production
* Maintenance

2. Software Acquisition V&V

3. Software Supply V&V

Source : “Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques book authored by our director, Mr Pradeep Oak and published by McGraw Hill.