Test Management and Need for Test Automation

Good testing practices start with test management. Test management needs to focus on centralizing information for easy access across developers, testers, managers,etc, establishing trace ability links across various test artifacts and other top level artifacts.
Each iteration of code needs to be tested. The challenge for testers is to keep pace with the code churn and to meet various test objectives at the appropriate phase in the software development cycle and last but not the least contribution from the ever- changing software requirements. We feel the need for automation and this is not true only for software development, when we have to pressing factors
1. Cycle- time reduction
2. Quality improvement

Manual testing plays an important part in software testing, however it has limitations. Adoption of automated means does not mean manual testing is less important, In fact, a combination of both manual and automated testing is always a better approach. Therefore, to meet business demands of time and quality, test automation tools are being adopted.

Source : “Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques book authored by our director, Mr Pradeep Oak and published by McGraw Hill.