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Under BBU, we offer our services around number of international Banking products with our domain expertise and technical skills. Our portfolio of services spans across Product Customization, Implementation, Technical support, IT Operations, Migration, System/Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and User Training. We have expertise in retail, corporate, CRM, eBanking, mBanking, investment banking and other systems in the banking domain.

Our Portfolio of Services

1. Application Maintenance

2. Application Operations

3. Application & Data Transformation services

Services we offer under each of the activities are mentioned above

Application Maintenance

1. Migration

2. Implementation

3. 24*7 Application Support

4. Incident & Problem Management

5. Enhancements / Customization

6. Testing Services

7. 3rd Party Vendor Management

Application Operations

1. L1 & L2 Support

2. SLA Management

3. Help Desk

4. Production Support & Administration (L3 support)

5. Release Management

6. SCM Activities

7. EOD / BOD and Backup Activities

8. User Training

Application and Data Transformation Services

1. Customization as per the client requirements

2. Version Upgrades

3. Roll out Support

4. Data Transformation services for Downstream Applications (Interfaces)

Business Benefits to our customers

1. Always ensured that SLA’s are met

2. Improve Application Operation & Performance through effective monitoring and management

3. Improve Operational Excellence through real time monitoring and resolution

4. Improved IT Reliability and Efficiencies

5. Over 20% reduction in cycle time

6. 100% Compliance management

7. Near 0% Risk in IT/ERP Operations

8. 99% Systems Uptime

OAKSYS believes in value addition. In order to provide better value to customers, OAKSYS has created a focused business unit – Banking Business Unit (BBU).

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