DO-178B: Organisation, Lifecycle and Key Points (Video)

DO-178B is the guideline for development, testing, V&V of Avionics software encompassing entire SDLC. “DO-178B: its organization, software life cycle model and some key points” were covered as part of the training sessions on DO-178B delivered by Mr. Pradeep Oak, Director of Oak Systems and Author of “Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques ” published by Tata McGraw Hill”. He is among the first twenty Certified Quality Analysts (CQA) of India.

The following processes make up the DO-178B software life-cycle:

  • Planning
  • Software Development
  • Other integral processes such as
    • Software Verification
    • Software Configuration Management
    • Software Quality Assurance
    • Certification liaison

There are objectives that must be met for each of the life-cycle stages defined in DO-178B. This video clip provides introduction to the organization, software life-cycle model and related key points of DO-178B.

Watch the complete video below