DO-178B: Software Levels and Objectives (Video)

A training on different levels of DO-178B (DO178B) and its objectives by Mr. Pradeep Oak, founder & Director of Oak systems. Author of “Software Testing – Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques ”. He is among the first twenty Certified Quality Analysts (CQA) of India.

The purpose of DO-178B is to provide guidelines for the production of software for airborne systems and equipment that performs its intended function with a level of confidence in safety that complies with airworthiness. The guidelines are in the form of ‘Objectives’ for software life cycle processes –

1) Descriptions of activities and design considerations for achieving those objectives

2) Descriptions of the evidence that indicate that the objectives have been satisfied

DO-178B then defines specific levels of safety criticality, from highest to lowest.

Level A – Catastrophic: prevent continued safe flight or landing
Level B – Hazardous/Severe-Major: potential fatal injuries to a small number of occupants
Level C – Major: impairs crew efficiency, discomfort or possible injuries to occupants
Level D – Minor: reduced aircraft safety margins, but well within crew capabilities
Level E – No Effect: does not effect the safety of the aircraft at all

Watch the complete video below