DO-178B: Software Planning Process (Video)

A session on DO-178B was held, and discussion on software planning process was delivered by Pradeep Oak, CQA. This is 1st part of the topic. The life cycle processes in DO-178B which includes the software planning process, the software development process and other integral processes. DO-178B defines 5 types of planning data for the software development…

  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification (PSAC)– The main purpose of this document is to define the compliance of the software development process to DO-178B for the certification authorities. This document contains many references to the project documentation generated as part of the life cycle model used.
  • Software Development Plan (SDP)– which defines the chosen software life cycle and the software development environment, including all tools used.
  • Software Verification Plan (SVP) -which defines the means by which the verification objectives will be met.
  • Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP).
  • Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP).


This video is divided into 2 parts:

Software Planning Process-Part 1

Software Planning Process-Part 2